This Side Up EP

by Invent

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released March 6, 2009

Additional Vocals by Amee LaTour




Invent Brattleboro, Vermont

Invent is an Acoustic and Classical guitar side project by Benjamin Zeman.

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Track Name: Delivery Confirmation
We'll all find our way
When praying to find our faith
We'll find it when the delivery confirmations sent
We are receivers so start receiving
Anywhere you are open up your arms
Everywhere you are open up heart

When it comes crashing down
Which side will you stand on
How can you hold that ground
When all the things you thought you knew
End where they began

Stuck searching, always searching
When it's right there
The answer that you seek is in the question that you asked

Oh God, we'll take it all
Find a place for it inside our Souls
The Love that we find in everything
Will come back to give us just what we need
It lifts a veil when you get Home
They will read to you from books of old
It lifts you up until all you see
Is the certainty of mystery
Track Name: Evidence of an Unconscious Influence
All these things that take my time and energy
Will burn me out slowly
In this twenty first century
We will drain our batteries

Unless we plug-in to the Source to recharge
The finite / infinite interface
We are potential so fill us up to our capacity

This is evidence of an unconscious influence
Track Name: Trans-Envelom
Overt parabola coalesce
Eva sefer
Sefer ocelot
Sefer ocelot ovum

Lift me up show me what you've got
With all of your power what will you do?
Illuminate me and show me your Truth


(The first section came to me in a moment of release. I let go of myself, it was as if I was looking down at by body from the above as I sang the words. With them came an understanding which is hard to translate but I feel like I should share)

Deeper meaning:
Trans-envelom - across/beyond/through - to conceal or obscure, as from sight or understanding
Overt parabola coalesce - Done or shown openly; plainly or readily apparent, not secret or hidden - Compare - Combine/Fuse
Eva sefer- Eve / first woman on Earth / synonym for angel - Hebrew word for Book
Ocelot ovum - Regeneration through solitude / Connection with physical and spiritual worlds / Ability to be in two places at once / Clear vision / Connection to the unseen - The female reproductive cell / egg

Rough Translation:
Beyond what is concealed, we can see what has always been there, compare it and make it part of ourselves. The ability to bring the hidden into view grows in ourselves.
Track Name: In Sleep (Time Disappears)
I traveled the distance my life transformed in an instant
I took the long way home
Past stars and planets I flew up into the sky
And I was all alone
I wanted to cry until I saw my face in a mirror in space
Then when I touched it I fell right inside
Then I was truly the one beyond the known
So it goes just like they said it would
But we didn't understand until we could
Its all one sound, all one taste, its all one face, its all One!
But we can't tell anyone and its so hard when you want to yell
From the tops of the highest places
Its all there its right in place and...
All you have to do is dream it and its there for you
In sleep time disappears